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Nichole Rae 

· August  21, 2021

"Flat River Dance isn't just a Dance Company. Its a community. Miranda and Joe have developed a family away from home for our children. We absolutely love that our girls receive instruction from experienced dancers in a Monisori style environment with Joe and Miranda leading the way.

Alex is phenomenal with the children. Honestly, ALL of the young men and women that teach are amazing. Our kids have developed astronomically over the last year.

I have to say we are most greatful, and humbled by the teams willingness and ability to give our Autistic daughter an opportunity to participate in classes. They have gone above and beyond to ensure her success and that is a gratitude we'll never be able to repay.

This dance Company may be slightly more expensive than others within the surrounding area, but its an investment worth making. You get what you pay for, and if you want quality education for your children in dance with highly knowledgeable and passionate teachers this is the place to be!"



Lauren J Boylan  
· June 13, 2019

"My daughter had been doing dance with this company since last March (2018) when she was only 2-1/2 and has loved every moment of it. Thank you FRDC for being so toddler friendly and being professional to us parents."


Jennifer Kuptz Samuelson  
· December 1, 2018

"Beautiful company! Very professional. Very impressive!!

Every year, I come from California to see my niece perform in a recital and I’m always impressed by the quality and elegance of their events.

All of the dancers appear to be highly and professionally trained. And the owners seem to be genuinely invested in the wellbeing and futures of their dancers.

I was sooo pleasantly surprised the first time I saw a show and continue to be every time there after.

Flat River Dance Company is a shining gem and a surprising find in a small community. I would expect to find a studio of this caliber in Los Angeles, but amazed to see such highly professional training available in a small town.

What a blessing for those fortunate enough to train with this dance company!! The community is so lucky to have them.

Although I am not a parent of a dancer at this studio, from what I’ve seen of their classes, performances and all around care for their dancers, I would very highly recommend the Flat River Dance Company to anyone, of any stage, looking for high quality training. "

Jennifer S
Los Angeles, CA


Becky J. Allen  
· February 27, 2019

"My daughter loves the Currys and this dance school!"



Lisa Baker Arwood 
· August 6, 2019

"Very professional and friendly. My daughter is in her fourth year there and she loves her instructors and classes."


Mandy Krum 
· January 31, 2019

"I have been very pleased that we chose this dance studio. The staff are all very friendly & helpful. The teaching staff are very patient & work great with all skill levels. I would highly recommend this dance studio."


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Monique Eckert 
· March 30, 2017

"Very professional dance company. The teachers work very well with all of the students regardless of skill level or needs."