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All classes require non-refundable registration fee of $15 per student/$25 per family and one month of dance tuition paid up front.  For dancers registering for the season this would include dance tuition for August and June will be prorated together and equal one months tuition.


All tuition rates per month are as follows for the fall and spring semesters:

Rates for 2022-2023 Season:

Ballet V & Adv. Pointe: $115
Ballet IV & Int. Pointe: $115
Ballet III & Beg. Pointe: $100
1 hour and 30 minute class: $70
1 hour and 15 minute class: $65                                                                        1 hour class: $55
45 min. class: $50
30 min. class: $40

Drop in Class: $15

Yoga Class: $10

Senior Solo: $95 (1/2 hr.) 1 student

Unlimited Classes: $290/month



5% off pay for an entire semester

10% off pay for entire year of dance

10% off tuition of families of 3 or more

$290 for unlimited classes


Other Fees & Prices:

Drop-in School Year: $15/class

Costume Prices: Range from $45-$100 per student per class

Costume Rentals: $25-$50

Ticket prices: $15 with $1.60 fee at the door $20 with a $1.80 fee

Personalized Window Stickers with FRDC logo: $10


Program Ads:

Program ads are all in black and white unless otherwise specified.

Personal Ads:
One quarter page ads are $20.00
Half page ads are 5 x 4 inches at $35.00
Full page ads are 5 x 8 inches at $50.00

Business Ads:
Quarter third page ads: $30.00
Two third page ads: $50.00
Full page ads are 5 x 8 inches: $100.00
Full page back or front inside cover: $125.00
Full page back cover in color: $150.00


Dance lessons in Greenville, Michigan



Students are not considered registered until registration form is filled out, policy & procedure is signed and dated, and a non-refundable registration fee with one month payment (August 2022 and June 2023 proated months to equal to one months tuition which is for first and last month) has been received.

Students with outstanding balances from previous classes will not be considered registered until all outstanding balances are paid.

Class schedules are subject to change. A notice in advance will be given.



Tuition is due by the 1st of the month. A late fee of $15 per student per month will apply after the 15th of each month.

Refunds for missed classes or cancellations will not be given. See class cancellation and snow day policies.

Monthly tuition is based on four classes per payment. This includes dress rehearsals for upcoming performances.

If you are facing financial hardship, please contact Flat River Dance Company as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements for payment. We will make every effort to work with you to ensure your child continues their dance education uninterrupted.

Tuition payments are non-refundable, but may be applied as a credit for future tuition, registration fees, or costumes. They cannot be used a credit for show tickets. All credits are non-transferable to other students.



Flat River Dance Company will cancel classes due to inclement weather at the discretion of the instructors. Cancellations will be posted on WOOD TV 8 and WZZM 13 if possible. If the evening events are cancelled by the Greenville Public schools this does not necessarily mean our classes will be cancelled. Please call if you have any questions on class cancellations. You may also look for cancellations on our website www.flatriverdancecompany.com and on our Facebook page.

Flat River Dance Company will also close due to world events affecting the safety of our students. As in 9-11.

Every effort will be made to secure to substitute teacher on the event that the teacher unable to teach a class due to personal or family reason. In the event that a substitute is not available, that class will be cancelled and arrangements will be made for a make-up class at a later date or classes added to the end of our calendar year.

If a student misses a class and the provided make up classes no further make up classes or refunds will be given.



Students who wish to drop a class for any reason must fill out a drop form from the studio. You will be responsible for all payment due to the date of the receipt form in the studio. If student is dropping after the first of the month you must still pay for the full month.

For all new students, students adding a class, or current students, a grace period of two classes in which you will be allowed to drop class without being locked into pay all monthly payments for the remaining semester. After you second class you are required to pay the full tuition for the remaining semester. Which are September through December or January through June.

Students dropping classes after the month of December are responsible for all remaining months, which are January through June. This is because were not given notice to allow us to fill your students place for the second semester.

Students dropping classes after being measured for costume orders or failing to notify Flat River Dance Company, that they were not going to take part in upcoming performance will be responsible for payment of costumes.

Classes can be dropped or cancelled due to lack of minimum enrollment at the discretion of Flat River Dance Company. All efforts will be made to accommodate students in an alternate class.



Students are not required to take part in any performances. If your student chooses not to take part for any reason please notify Flat River Dance Company as soon as possible.

Two - Three performances per year are performed. One performance will be in December and/or January, and the other at the end of the school year in June.



Students are asked to wear proper dance shoes and attire during class. The dress code is based on classical standards of ballet. Dress codes help students focus better in class because they are not distracted by loose or cumbersome clothing. Proper dress code also allows the teacher to correct alignment and placement. Additionally, dress code prepares students for performance, and they feel pride in themselves when appearance is neat and clean.

The following is the dress code:

Ballet & Pre Ballet

Leotard - Any solid colored leotard    Tights-Pink footed tights/convertible tights


Pre Ballet I, II, & III

Leotards with skirts attached are allowed, Leotards with skirts separate are also allowed.

Undergarments - No undergarments should be worn under leotards and tights. Ladies' tights serve as underwear beneath their leotards (be sure to buy dance tights which have a cotton crotch). Undergarments inhibit the ability to move and dance freely.

Ballet shoes - Pink ballet slippers with soft, pliable sole; elastic sewn on shoe prior to class (not tied and wrapped underneath); drawstrings cut and tucked into shoe (no bows on top of shoes). Ballet shoes can be canvas or leather.

Pointe shoes - All pointe shoes must be reviewed and approved by School Owners prior to sewing them or wearing them for class.

Although pointe shoes are exciting for younger dancers, they can cause serious injury if one's ankles and feet are not ready for them. Please do not allow younger dancers to try on pointe shoes. Pointe work begins in the Intermediate level with permission and advisement of the School Owners and a minimum age of ten.

Hair-secured off face; a bun is required for all ballet levels I, II, III, IV, & V and up for safety of eyes. Pre Ballet I, II, III hair may be in a high pony tail. Please have plenty of hairnets, hair pins, clips, and hair bands available to neatly put up hair; hairspray and hair gel should be used. A separate smaller bag kept in your dance bag is recommended to store hair supplies.



Solid color leotard and tights any solid color (no designs, patterns, or writing). (Recommended tight color: black) Hair must be pulled back and secured in a high pony tail. NO BOOTY SHORTS ALLOWED! No Midriffs showing.

Jazz shoes: Jazz I & II:  tan jazz shoes


Hip Hop

Leotards, leggings, sweatpants or other loose-fitting athletic pants and a tank top or t-shirt. Sneakers not worn outside. Clean shoes.



Leotard and tights any color (recommended tight color: black)

Contemporary shoes: dance paws, lyrical shoes, or bare feet

Gentlemen  -black or white ballet shoes, black tights, dance belt, solid white t-shirt (no writing or designs), hair neat and secured off face if long.

Warm-ups-Form-fitting warm-ups (tight solid-colored ballet sweaters, leg warmers, ballet skirts) are permitted only at the discretion of each teacher.

Accessories-Absolutely NO watches, bracelets, or necklaces. Small stud earrings are okay, no large earrings. Absolutely NO sweatshirts, sweatpants, over sized shirts, or loose fitting clothing.

All of the above requirements are expected to be followed or the student may not be able to participate in class. Teachers will ask students to correct any dress code violations prior to class. If there are ongoing dress code problems with a student, the student will be asked to sit out of class until the issues are resolved. (We all mess up on occasion, but expect to be given no more than three chances per semester. Other sports and activities require certain equipment and attire, ballet is no different.)



As part of a student's training, it is important for the student to learn and respect the rules, traditions, and class etiquette followed by the dance and theatre world.

Promptness and Attendance

  1. Please arrive promptly.
  2. Be sure to leave time to be dressed for class.
  3. If student is late to class, it is the teacher's decision whether the student may take class or watch and take notes.
  4. Regular attendance is very important.


  1. Respect for the teacher, other students, the studio, the theatre, and guest artists will be expected of all students.
  2. Students may not enter the studio area until invited by the teacher. Students may wait quietly in the foyer or dressing room.
  3. Gum, food or drinks are never allowed in studio area.
  4. No conversations between students during class, and the student's hand should be raised when there is a question for the teacher.
  5. It is the tradition at the end of class to thank the teacher (and accompanist if present) by applauding.
  6. If student needs to leave class early, please let the teacher know before class starts. At the appointed time, the student should thank teacher and then leave the studio quietly.
  7. Hanging on barres is not allowed.
  8. Cell phones should be turned off during class.
  9. Bathroom needs should be taken care of before class time.
  10. No street shoes allowed on studio floor.

Guidelines for Parents

  1. Parents of younger students please attend to your child's bathroom needs before class.
  2. Please make sure child is dressed and hair is up before class.
  3. Any snacks should be eaten before arriving to the school.
  4. Due to the open design of the studio and foyer, we ask if you are waiting for your child at the school to wait quietly as to not distract the students
  5. Class observation days are listed on our information board in lobby and on our website.
  6. Please drop off and pick up your child promptly before and after class. Remind your child to always wait inside studio to be picked up.
  7. Teachers may have several consecutive classes to teach each day. If you have a question for your child's teacher but are unable to speak with her/him before class, please feel free to write a note and place it in her box by the desk.
  8. Any class with less than four students are subject to cancellation.
  9. Solicitation of any kind is strictly prohibited by any of our parents, parent guild members, or legal guardians or past parent guild members, parents, or legal guardians. One may not use any such personal information (such as personal phone numbers, email lists, or addresses) to solicit current or past students or other parents retained by FRDC via registration forms or emails.

Note: Parents of younger children are encouraged to speak with the child's teacher concerning access to dressing room prior to class.



It is NOT required for students to take more than one class a week per category (ballet, jazz, pointe), although it is highly encouraged to take multiple classes to advance in technique, placement, artistry & performance ability & skills.

Class placements are based on skill level, attainment of curriculum goals, and age. However, the age of one student may differ from other students in a class, and students are placed in the level that will encourage the most progress. A dancer should be challenged but not overwhelmed. All class placements are ultimately determined by the School Director under the advisement of the student's most recent instructor(s).

Progression from one level to the next is not comparable to that of an academic school. Students may spend multiple years in each level before advancing to the next, and all students should expect to remain in a level for a minimum of one year. Each student should form their schedule on the basis of the School Director's recommendations and in support of his/her personal goals. Student's who do not take the recommended number of classes can expect to remain in a level longer so they may solidify the technique and curriculum of that level.

When classes reach the maximum number, they will close, and we will maintain a waiting list. Classes with fewer than 3 students may be cancelled.

All Pre Ballet classes consist of ballet, tap and creative movement.



No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor.

Parents are encouraged to watch classes at Parents Observation Week. Please be respectful of children trying to learn on the dance floor and keep talking and activity to a minimum. If siblings are accompanying you please ensure their proper behavior to not distract those students trying to learn.

Parents are responsible for checking message board each week for important upcoming events and information. Notices will be given on the website also.

All efforts are made to ensure students safety within the studio, outside of the studio, at performance venues and in the execution of dance steps however, parents and students realize that dance is a physical activity that carries a risk of injury as well as our physical environment. Parents will accept responsibility of all medical and related payments as a result of any injury or harm to their child taking any part of activities associated with Flat River Dance Company. Parents and students will not hold Flat River Dance Company, any of the owners, instructors, or guest teacher liable for any injuries or damages. The parents and students accept this risk by signing the registration form, due at registering and/or the Policies and Procedures form.

Policies and Procedures may be added to or modified without prior notice given at anytime.