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Covid - 19 Policies

Please contact the studio if any student or Parent/Guardian test positive for the COVID-19 virus.  We will keep your info regarding the test confidential.

1. Classes will end 5 minutes early to allow for studio cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and less flow of individuals at one time.

2. DROP OFF ONLY: To limit the amount of people in the studio at one time we ask that all students be dropped off. Only FRDC Staff and students allowed in the studio. Parents of Pre Ballet level students and any student with special needs are permitted. (Please only one parent or guardian per student.)

3. No one should arrive or linger more than 15 minutes before or after their schedule class times.

4. Everyone upon entering and exiting the building must use hand sanitizer located in the office, greenroom, and lobby.

5. No siblings of dancers are permitted in the studio unless unavoidable.

6. Parents/guardians who are permitted in the studio must remain a safe distance from one another at all times.

7. No toys of any kind with be permitted (books, coloring books and personal devices are ok but can not be shared with anyone else.)

8. There should be no more than four (4) people in the office at anytime. (This includes the office staff)

9. All Dance students should come to class already dressed in their dance clothes. Please place any warm ups in your dance bag. If you are coming to dance right from school you will be allowed to change in the bathroom or changing area.

10. FRDC will not provide water for the dancers. Please bring your own water bottle and have it labeled. (No sharing bottles)

11. No sharing of food or snacks. (Please keep all food items in your dance bag before and after eating and again no sharing).

12.  Every time before and after entering the dance studio, everyone must sanitize their hands.

13. NO TOUCHING: Before, after, during classes and break times, all students must keep a safe distance apart from one another. (No hugging, holding hand or lounging to close or on one another.)

14. When on a break do not crowd any particular area at once. (We will allow students to bring their water bottle in to the studio to allow for more space between students during breaks)

15. No one should use the lockers.

16. No more than two (3) Dancers in the girls dressing room at any time.

17. No leaning or touching of the ballet barres unless for class use.

18. Absolutely no touching of the windows or mirrors.

20. Parents, children, office staff in the office, lobby, green room, restroom, studio and dressing room must wear a mask or a shield.  Please read below.

21. Dancers, parents, silblilngs, legal guardians, etc. must wear a mask to enter the building unless the child is under the age of 5.   We will enforce social distancing. If it is difficult to breath and dance while in the studio, dancers will have the option to remove their mask. Please note the governors order regarding this below.  

22. Dancers will have temperature checks via the forehead prior to coming into the dance studio.

23. We have expanded our space and now have the entire green room to utilize for FRDC clients.  We have one entrance and two exits to the studio. The Main Entrance is at the front of the building which leads into the office.  One exit point for the dancers will be at the west end of the building facing M-91 which is connected to the green room. The second exit point will be at the east end of the building that is connected to the dressing room side.  For our younger dancers please have them exit out the west end through the green room.

 These new temporary rules are for the safety of all our students and staff. Please go over and explain them to your child. The physical and mental health of our students is of the utmost importance to us. This situation will pass in time and normalcy will return to our country, state and communities. Until then lets all remain calm, work together to keep everyone safe.




Confidence When You Dance at
Flat River Dance Company


The safety and well-being of our dancers is always our top priority at Flat River Dance Company, but particularly in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Providing you with up-to-date information on what we are doing to respond to the issue is a critical step in giving you peace of mind when you visit our facilities.

Here are a few highlights of our efforts:

Enhanced cleaning
We have implemented a strong, structured cleaning regimen and our facilities are cleaned each day at key touch-points within the facility with an EPA-approved disinfectant. We are also enhancing our cleaning procedures between classes; which includes a more thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces and touch points.

Signage and Reminders
Remembering to practice good Covid-19 safety is hard for all of us but especially for kids. FRDC has posted many signs and foot pads and other reminders through out the studio to help us all remain safe while in the studio.

In the Studio with the Dancers
All FRDC Teacher and staff will practice proper social distancing while in interacting with the students. 

Regarding scheduling
15 minutes have been added between classes for the summer classes, and 5 - 15 minutes have been added in between classes for our 2020 - 2021 Season.

Entering and exiting the Studio
Everyone will enter and exit from different doors. This will limit the number of people in the building at any given time.

Other safety provisions FRDC has taken
When you come to the studio you will notice a few other changes we have made to provide for more safety. We switch out the door knobs to leavers for less contact opening. We put a new ventilator in the bathroom. We added touch-less hands sanitizing stations throughout the studio.  Carpet, furniture, and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected routinely. We also cleaned the air conditioners and vents.

Ongoing efforts
We are focused on the coronavirus issue and our dancers well-being. We are asking that should anyone within the FRDC family display any signs of illness or if they have traveled to a known infected area, that they postpone visiting Flat River Dance Company for two weeks. Also, should anyone within our FRDC family need assistance during this time please ask for help.

We are confident that our incredible team will make it as safe as possible to continue your dance education during this very stressful period.
Thank you again for putting your Trust and “Feet” in our hands.